Thursday, August 27, 2009

Impact of the internet on society in the future years

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I recently read an article on reporting that lot of young Americans are buying a second mobile phone to play and watch games while they are doing other stuffs. I felt it was ridiculous and thought what this fancy electronic gadgets and internet are going to offer us in the future era. Is it going to kill humanness?? people may be surprised why I need to think like this?? The reason is, when so many activities are going to happen, then when will we have time to share our joy,sorrow,sympathy and helpfulness to our fellow humans (parents mainly and friends).

Friends may be more of virtual ones like making friends through online communities who can't share anything with us except their useless photos. I was scared when i thought what will my children do in this era, where i am going to be definitely least respected as most of their time will be spent burning their ass in the new era of modern communication. Relations are going to definitely be weaker in human sense and there will be nobody except the computer where you have to share everything. I am waiting eagerly "what to expect from my children in the modern era".


  1. how they are brought up is very important. if they play more cricket and less need for speed, maybe they will understand the advantages of real networking rather than online ones.
    dont worry, i am sure you will turn out to be an excellent father. :)
    dont be too hard on the kids, ok. ;)

  2. @gautham

    i felt that they will be pushed to the corner.very simple, the ambience arnd the people makes their frequency shift.When all the kids are playing NFS, then obviously our kids will also play the same because of mental range getting attracted. Only thing i wanted to think of is "will the human relationships survive"?? i find it hard to digest, but on reality a blatant answer may be a big NO!! Future people will lose patience talking to others, the impact can be observed now a days!!

  3. @karthic Very right about the loss in human relationships. It is quite visible even now. How many of us have ongoing contact with all our cousins, uncles and other relations. How many of us know our neighbors name atleast. The answer to both questions for me itself is no and no. Quite sad, but reality. I think future kids would prefer a session of online avatar gaming to visiting actual people.

  4. Just love the cartoon... :)

    Regarding the main topic, as much as it's gettomg increasingly hard to force kids to have a healthy lifestyle, I don't think it's impossible. It depends a lot on the parents. Parents who're around at home, manage to visit their relatives/ friends often enough, socialise, play regularly and all cannot not influence their kids in a positive way. But I guess, the question would be how would parents get a chance to engage in all this in the hustle and bustle of modern life...

  5. @karthich and @Jagdesh

    Inspite of all the social short comings parents are the ones who make the major impact on their wards. Proper parentage can always keep things under control. Most of the achievers of the era or at least these state first kinda guys were all influenced by their parents.

  6. @kitty

    I don't second u!! How far u r influenced by ur parents is far less impactful than people who acheive the highest or try. our parents are definitely good role models but the modern day info flow can take ur mind far from that. To be honest ppl like MJ have a huge impact on ppl compared to ur own parents. so parental guidance will not much influence the future generation as such who try to gather all the data from the internet. Initial days, yes, the guidance will be there but not necessary, since schools of the future will be accompanied with all the modern fundas, the child nurturing will be extremely difficult.

  7. I agree with Kitty and Vaisagh. Parents are the biggest influence in every child s life *when* they choose to act so. Karthic, MJ will be a bigger influence only if parents have not already filled the space.

    Lets all spend good quality time with our kids, listen to them, play with them and most importantly set good standards for them and they would probably turn out fine. Hopefully.

  8. @Karthic

    None just starts a rock band as they are influenced by MJ and parents can't and are not supposed to guide and direct every move of their wards. Certain things are to be taught from the roots like what to learn and what not to. A properly brought up child will take inspiration from good leaders and academicians even when exposed a info ocean like internet.

  9. @Kitty@Karthic@VT@Jagdish
    Some discussion is going on here. I like kitty's statement on nurturing. Scientific research has given strong evidence that human beings place a higher premium on nature than nurture but still it is the nurture which makes the different. If parents have a rotten behavior than it is very difficult for a child to develop into high achievers or somethings. Examples of exceptions are very rare in the real world too.
    MJ and hollywood/Bollywood are softwares not hard powers so their influence don't have much influence in how well u eventually end up. Assuming that ur parents want u to go to America to pursue ur educations. In that case, they will allow to watch hollywood movies or listen to pop music to develop ur english skills. So, it is parents who tend to be inspirations others are mere softwares.

  10. everything is the peer group you are in, that is where a child spends most of his time-during the years that matter the most.
    parents, only to a certain extent.

  11. @gautham Those are crucial years for a parent as well. Depending upon how much quality time (talking to them about happenings in school, being genuinely interested in their life and dreams, helping the kid through difficult times) a parent spends with his/her teenager, the kid is equally inclined to listen to the parent and actually care for whats being said. Lets aim to be the best parents we can :p