Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 empirical rules(not exactly...) for life

1. wake up with a smile. its impossible, becase getting up is the real big problem of the day. if you dont do that, there is no day as such, is there?

2. be clean. you never know when you would have to be in close contact with people. and frankly, some people dont like your sweat sweetened armpit scent.

3. look good, but look simple. we are not going to hit the beauty pageant, but we are not going to be ascetics, wandering in loin cloth. or worse.

4. be concerned about others. but that's it, stop it right there. dont go out of the way to do things for others. you have a life you know.

5. be early, wherever you go. as much as as people hate coming in early, it has been deemed a virtue; do it for a few days, and you just might get used to it.

6. be polite. not in your mind though. you can scream abuse at the next person sitting and spitting on the road, but in your mind. as if we all have the guts...
7. act positive. i only say, act. there is a difference between 'be' and 'act'. and the best part is, nobody knows you are being, or acting...

8. pretend to listen carefully and compassionately. so what if your cat is dead, i have my problems is not the way to go.

9. eat healthy, and eat lean. we all love ice creams. there was once a time when america loved iraq and bush loved osama. we know what happened.

10. face your fear. stand up, be bold and screw up everything. let people laugh, and let them talk behind your back, let them think you are a complete loser, but dont laugh, dont talk behind other people's back, and dont be afraid of failure. it only means you are progressing the right way!


  1. I like the last point of the post which most people doesn't follow. good work

  2. oh yeah, thats how it is. but if you want to live in a utopian world, go ahead, be my guest. :)