Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lost in translation!!!

It feels good and audaciously challenging to experience something new in life. Every second of your life emotes to feel home. Actually, it is being foreigner gives you an unique existence. You figure out the quintessential local that even locals are not aware of; you learn the nuances of language that only their linguistics can comprehend. You walk the life with the heavy shoulder of two faces, the one mired with the lingering home and the other blossoming to be local.

In the beginning, it is like you are utterly lost in the dark woods and you don't know the way to escape the vagaries of ferocious animals. But then, you try to understand rhythms of forest life and learn tricks of survival. Indeed, it is the survival of fittest that would integrate totally with the daily chores of the country. The process to be the fittest is the most fascinating part of experience.That experience include getting to know traffic rules, procedure to apply for any administrative work and value system of the society.

Even traffic rules and driving in the country would say something to you about the culture of the country. Your observation of  new country and picture of home certainly contemplate the mind map. This map in your mind is much powerful and stronger than Google map that you might hold on to. This map has the emotions, noise and dynamism of the country. It speaks about the status of current economy and passion of their people. Inevitably, your learning of their language would read the complexity of people's mind and also paints the picture of their thought process. That thought process makes you feel that your now a qualified "foreign correspondence"

To be continued....