Sunday, August 22, 2010

the rude boy revelation

Whatever little hope I had of the american pop scene had completely dissolved into thin air(or a nauseous mixture of a various set of not so nice ingredients) when I started listening to a song "rude boy". Let me start with the first line, please bear with me.(dont make jokes about bears)

"come here rude boy, boy can you get it up. come here rude boy, boy is you big enough"

Now, I have nothing against the meaning of the song. I am viciously turned on every time I listen to this song, that my mind starts painting very vivid scenes of, well, scenes of... OK(i actually wanted to write something involving my pants, but i will let it pass). Something else bothers me. "Is you big enough"? Seriously, is this the best you can muster? Isn't the native tongue English? Or has anyone managed to change that to something else, because it was not too democratic enough, and wanted an american intervention? These kids are young, they can be taught to change, and together, we can. Can what?

"buckle up, I ma give it to you stronger, Hands up we can go a little longer, Tonight I ma get a little crazy..."

I ma? seriously? Why do we have a problem of reading normal words like 'am' these days? Selective retinal inversion disorder? I have a serious problem, I know. I fuss. too much. about a language that is not even my mother tongue. Its none of my business. I am not grammatically perfect! I dont care. I will whine when I feel like whining, that is something everybody should be allowed. Its the only thing that we can do for free. So, ma? really?

The last line is redundant. After listening to the song upto this point, it is crystal clear that the singer is crazy and had the audacity to impose this song on us; the song listeners, including myself, are crazy that this song has 30 million hits on youtube. Now, its time to blame youtube for censorship, and moral right violations, and how this can cause a serious dent in the youngster's mindset, and start talking about segregation, and how the singer is black, and how the black people live in too much poverty, and how the american president is black, and how america is not the bit concerned about oil spills and its crumbling economy, and how oil rich countries like saudi dont care two hoots for other religions, and how India is shining for 2 % of its population while none of this ever seems to matter for the millions who have nothing...(I am delusional now, I think I smoked too much weed).

"rude boy"
Oh, wow. Phenomenal. This is the kind of stuff that John milton missed out in paradise lost. This is paradise regained, rehash. This is the illiad of the crack heads. This is the opium of the trivially challenged american urban/semi-urban(?) youth. This is the short lived anthem everyone talks about. This is a song that can buy a meal for some. This is the song, that is meant to be just a song for some. This is the song, that is meant to be make sense for some. This is high school girly crap for some. So much for a song, eh?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For India to be Super power

I have some thought process on what India and Indians have to do if India wants to be super power. Most of the thoughts are Utopian, humorous and some are non sense. There are as following

0. Eradicate Poverty

1. Abolish religion

2. Abolish casteism

3. Eliminate gender inequalities and inequities

4. Educate everyone

5. Don't reproduce (most people should not do it because India has alarming population growth)

6. Move towards open society

7. Free thinking should be embraced

8. Wealth should be redistributed

9. Legalize and regulate every taboos that society think it is...

10. Make English a mandatory language

11. Provide subsidized Healthcare

12. Abolish arrange marriage system too ( Will reduce dowry incidents)

13. Embrace interbreeding ( will improve the IQ of ordinary Indian people)

14. Implement compulsory sex education from primary schools

15. Penalize traffic offenders

16. Abolish nepotism in Indian politics

17. Criminalize racism and casteism

18. Abolish single sex education and embrace coeducation

19. Embrace consumerism and abort socialist policies

20. Make female education a fundamental right

21. Provide full employment opportunities

22. Modernize infrastructure

23. People should become polite

24. Selfishness should become normal

25. Individuality should be embraced

26. Pollution should be curtailed

 List goes on.. Commentators are kindly advised to include their list..