Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For India to be Super power

I have some thought process on what India and Indians have to do if India wants to be super power. Most of the thoughts are Utopian, humorous and some are non sense. There are as following

0. Eradicate Poverty

1. Abolish religion

2. Abolish casteism

3. Eliminate gender inequalities and inequities

4. Educate everyone

5. Don't reproduce (most people should not do it because India has alarming population growth)

6. Move towards open society

7. Free thinking should be embraced

8. Wealth should be redistributed

9. Legalize and regulate every taboos that society think it is...

10. Make English a mandatory language

11. Provide subsidized Healthcare

12. Abolish arrange marriage system too ( Will reduce dowry incidents)

13. Embrace interbreeding ( will improve the IQ of ordinary Indian people)

14. Implement compulsory sex education from primary schools

15. Penalize traffic offenders

16. Abolish nepotism in Indian politics

17. Criminalize racism and casteism

18. Abolish single sex education and embrace coeducation

19. Embrace consumerism and abort socialist policies

20. Make female education a fundamental right

21. Provide full employment opportunities

22. Modernize infrastructure

23. People should become polite

24. Selfishness should become normal

25. Individuality should be embraced

26. Pollution should be curtailed

 List goes on.. Commentators are kindly advised to include their list..


  1. i like and agree with most of your list :)..just wld like to add a few...
    1) teach people basic hygiene...STOP SPITTING ON ROADS PEOPLE!!!!
    2) Stop staring at strangers cos its rude!!! I understand men staring at women...but women staring at women??? :S
    3) Bring in young leaders into politics...
    4) Design proper computer systems in offices so that work does not have to be done twice..manually once and once again on the comp..
    5) Respect women for what they are..each woman has dreams and ambitions and marriage is not supposed to be a barricade to all that!!!
    6) BAN MEGASERIALS!!!!!!!

    That's all i have in mind right now...shall add more if it comes around..:D

  2. @Sakthi I like ban Megaserials, thats the good one.

  3. and also one more..
    7) Relatives should stop trying to match-make all the spinsters and bachelors they know and should just mind their own businesses!!!!

  4. I don’t know if blog owner is aware that most of the thoughts are taken from the scientific communist studies which are proven to be inefficient.
    Moreover they are directly contradicting with constitutions of almost all more less civilised society. If you practice this in India, more-less educated and rich people will pull out assets and emigrate overseas. As a result there will be anarchy and humanitarian catastrophe.
    In order to become superpower country must have sufficient natural and labour recourses and more importantly proper social elite.
    Hope India becomes super power one day!

  5. @oleg, LOL thats why I said thoughts are utopian and sometimes nonsense. Thanks for the comments.

  6. points 5 &13 are contradictory, arent they? :)
    employment opportunity is not necessarily a duty of the country,(but the keynesians would argue against me)
    it would have been nice if you had elaborated on some of the serious points. and dude, you cant ask people to not reproduce, that is against the primal reason for our existence.

  7. @Gautam, not reproduce is for fun! That is to highlight how serious our population growth is but it is seldom given importance in current environment.