Saturday, July 10, 2010

The usual whine. The same old bottle.
Sirs and Madams,
How much I love India Pakistan cricket matches. Have you seen the excitement? It borders on jingoism. You know why? Sometimes people need trust and credibility, as you rightly pointed out sometime earlier to overcome barriers. Whom should we trust? No offense, we know the pakistani people are a beautiful set of creatures just like us Indians, but do we trust the army that seems to be silently calling the shots? Do we trust the words of ISI that is feeding propaganda to any muslim on the streets of kashmir for azadi? Do we trust the mujahideen who have the patience of a 2-year old, but the military arsenal of a whole nation? Whom should we trust?
Why do you care, is the usual question.

My country, unfortunately doesn't care about serious issues-we are worried about IPL not making enough money to buy poor millionaires yachts and multi-storeyed buildings, we are interested in Dhoni's engagement and marriage because that would feed a family of four, we love spending our money and resources on ulaga tamil maanadu which is exactly what people need given most of them have TV sets donated free of cost, we must concern ourselves with hiking fuel prices every now and then so that the aam aadmi can squirm uncomfortably when he goes to the petrol bunk, and we must ask the vegetable vendor if we could pay by a cheque, since you know, the prices...

Something bothers me. I hate it when people have to die unnecessarily. When people starve and starve, of hopes of one meal a day. When wars are fought for trivial reasons such as mad men's propaganda. When the rains play 'ringa ringa roses...all fall down' with already starved villagers. When women have to face pigs who are high on libido and low on morals in every f**king place. Let's face it, life is f**king unfair. But there should be some fairness in being unfair-some men cannot have all the money. The money, it is of no use when you are dead and eating maggots inside the grave.

Communist, aren't I? Ah, I must the left leaning, arrogant, union creating, work hate mongering russian spy from the cold and snowy hills of kodambakkam...

Am I doing something about cleaning it up? I am sure as hell not going to, so why am I really bitching about something over which I am so indifferent? Because, there is something called justice. I am sorry, I meant to say, there should be something called justice. You know, the balance thing, with the lady with her eyes blind-folded? If she were to see some of the things that people do these days, she would definitely not hesitate to throw the scales at them along with 3 tons of TNT.
Ah, the times...