Friday, August 7, 2009

Child’s future depends on parent’s grades!!

Most of the schools in India are coming up with compulsory set of rules which decides the child’s admit. The top one in the list is “Parents must be Educated”. What made the schools come up with this particular and most preferred criterion on selecting a child?? What does the school achieve by taking a child from educated family compared to an uneducated?? The role of the school is to educate any sort of children and nurture them into morally committed and responsible citizens of any country.

The reason the schools have remarked “Educated parents are taking more responsibility for child’s future”. Is that true for most of the times?? Then what is the role of the schools basically?? By laying these hazardous rules, are the schools sending wrong message across by discouraging the child’s initial foot steps of education. Uneducated parents are not preferred in the society??


  1. haha, the cartoon rocks!!! :)

  2. Nice Pic!! :P

    And the way things are going- the answer to the last question seems to be no :(