Thursday, August 6, 2009

When is love the sweetest

This is inspired by a newspaper article (TOI, Bangalore) regarding the same topic.

When is love the sweetest? Is it during the teen years, just-before-marriage-adulthood, after marriage or during old age. If you do not believe in love, better stop reading now and go see a doctor :p The rest of you normal people, dig in !!!

Teen years: This is the time when "crushes" develop at the rate of 2 a week. It is all blind rage and love with constant calls and texting complete with dialogues such as "no, I love you more" and "you cut the call first". Countless pointless research studies have pointed out that it is all harmones at play. But then, who cares. So long as you have a great guy/girl by your side, time just flies by and everything seems magical.

Before marriage: By now, there have been a few heart-breaks and so you are more wary. Plus there is all the maturity-baggage. Of course there are still a few who refuse to grow up and fall in love at sight. For most, it is the calculated "yes, I think he/she will make for a good pair" feeling of love. In any case, the thrill comes slightly close to the above mentioned category and makes for many enjoyable moments.

After marriage: There are 2 distinct categories here. One - "wow, my spouse is great. I m in love with him/her". This is the genuinely liking my spouse people. They mostly do well in marriage and manage a romantic side to it. Then there is the "oh well, I m already married to him/her. Let me make it better for everyone and just love the person for who he/she is". These people do ok in marriage and respond with "yea life s as usual" when you ask "how s your married life". Not that it is bad or anything, it is just the way it is.

Old age: By this time, you re finally done with the fighting and just decide that its time to put it all past you and love the person. Or it could be the "my wife s been my best friend for 40 years" grandpa. I love seeing such couples. They give me hope. At 70 or 80, you re glad you have someone to listen to when you gripe about your dentals and hearing. Then you can return the favor and everyone else at home is happy with the arrangement.

That brings me to the end of this post which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. Readers, if not for the forthcoming municipal/assembly/national elections, please do pitch in with your votes for this. Love and be loved.


  1. @Jadgish I am pitching, love is always and gets sweeter. No idea when it is sweetest.

  2. @jagdish- lovely article! Very nicely put and enjoyed the light heartedness! :D

  3. @Narayan Thanks :) I believe more in enjoy-life-while-you-can than being the angry-young-man. A balance is needed here too, as with everything.

  4. @jagdish

    depending upon the situation, love become sweet or sour. Let's say if v don't have love in our teens then at marriage, love become the sweetest(hahaha!!). If u have too much love in ur teens and break ups, then everywhere love becomes sour. Old age love is due to mutual respect to each other's opinions. Since both the people are old they try to depend on each other, so they want to intimately develop it as an affection. So teen love is devastating at times, marriage love is conditional and old age love is spontaneous.

  5. nice one re.. had a nice time reading it.

  6. Sometimes when I'm philosophical(like right now), I question myself what exactly is love. Some stupid chemicals meant to keep the gene pool dirty? Is it sacrificing things for someone? Caring for someone no matter what? Its tough question for find an answer that everyone agrees.

    But when I'm more sane, I would say loving and being loved is what living is all about. And if you are truly in love it always gets sweeter no matter what. And every age has its own meaning for love and makes it sweeter in a different way.

  7. @karthic Really true about the "too much love in teen years". Thankfully (or not) I didnt get any.

    @Madhan Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

    @Ashok Love is all about chemicals alright. But then what isnt. Wholly agree with "every age has its own meaning.." I just wish everyone here gets to experience love at all stages (whatever remaining) of their life

  8. Thumbs up for the post- I reckon we ought to find that for ourselves right? We can probably answer this question only when we snuff it! :D

  9. why do u put boundaries and categorize love? i mean, this is too limited. love need not be sweet at all. thr can be love for another person after u get married, a love for older person when u r in teens, there can b failed love of a dead person, crazy one sided love that makes u a stalker,love that cant be expressed at's too complicated and love is too abstract. cant be analysed.

  10. @rt: It is in human nature to categorize and analyze. Ok seriously, I was just in the mood for such writing :)

    p.s. love that cant be expressed at all? Maybe a psychologist or a simple dictionary could help. (sry man, just cudnt resist :D )