Thursday, August 13, 2009

The magic of 'A' , Really?

I just noticed something very queer and thought I must share it with you.
1. The former students' union chairman of my college was Arun n the present one is Aditya.
2. The chairman of our international techno management festival was Abhishek last yr and this yr its Abhinav.
3. The two ppl who contested the vice president election in my college this yr are Arun and Adi.

These are the people who are most powerful in my college. Do you notice anything here?
All their names begin wid A!

This funny observation has raised a serious doubt in me. Is it true that since the ppl whose names start wid A have to be always first in the class to do anything right from kindergarten, this inculcates some kind of boldness and an attitude to face any challenge and hence emerging leaders ? Do u observe such similarities too?

Do you find the 'A' s forming a good no. of leaders, representatives and captains? Or is it just a coincidence?


  1. true dude, I probably think your observation is right with few exceptions. It seems people with A blood group are also good leaders so they may have A blood group. You can ask them LOL.

  2. statistically, does it make sense? how many people in your class have names starting with A? lets widen it, any class in india will have students with maximum number of A's.
    you could come up with a mathematical model to prove this relation probably...

  3. Sweet! Let's look at it psychologically too.... Their names usually come on the roll calls( or on any matter listed alphabetically) first- does that give them the confidence that they ought to lead as they are the ones called first? Very strange though....

  4. @Narayan: If this proposition be anywhere near true, I am sure that what you said is a contributing factor.

    @Gautham: Nice idea... Looking forward to ur help in case I plan to work on it :)

  5. Maybe they re also popular coz their names are easy. Try saying "Vote for Lakshmipathy SriNarayanamurthy" :p

  6. @THE OBSERVER: Yeah, but it does sound a bit weird, does the proposition...

    @Jagdish: what about Ananthamurthy? :P

  7. Lol.. have u read freakonomics? It talks about what happened when a fellow decided to name his 2 kids, winner and loser. Turns, loser became a success story, whereas winner, well lets just say, he didnt end up dat well.. :)

  8. @madhan thats very interesting to hear. If that also a case in real life then I will be happy too.

  9. @everyone- I know it is very weird. That is exactly the thrill of discussing it... :)

    @Sathiya- If that's true u will b the most untruthful one on planet :P

  10. how about chinese people whose names don't even start with a at all?? lee kuan yew, lee siah long, goh chor tong. Indian pm manmohan singh, chimbaram??? well, someone in the earlier post commented that there a lot modern indian names which start with 'a' which i totally agree..