Monday, August 3, 2009

Responsibility, born and brought with???

Responsibility is as such huge, to burden a person. The way people react to responsibilities denote the way they are born or brought with!! Society has people who are individualistic, but can be segregated to responsible and irresponsible humans. I have moved with lot of people who most of the times are basically irresponsible on numerous issues. The problem lies with the way they presume or stereotype things.

They never tend to understand the "gravity of the situation" and when facing the consequences, they talk as "saints". The cognitive behavior of the people tend to show, the way the gene is inherited and the way people are brought up. So when do human species need to behave in a responsible way. Is it at all times?? so the irresponsible be irresponsible and the responsible follow their responsible path.

When we put higher premium on nature than nurture, I do think it is the gene which plays a pivotal role in shaping a human beings but humans have invented something called "education" to organize people's thoughts. The fundamental principle of education is basically help people develop good manners and etiquette. But, several times, we tend to ignore that fundamentals and concentrate on scoring high grades. Responsibility is part of those fundamentals. So do family and circumstance play a significant role to make a child responsible?


  1. I happened to read my mum's psychology books as she was a psychology major. There are a few cases where the genetic make-up of a person determines whether or not, he chooses to accept responsibility for his actions. But I have also read that a majority of actions/ characteristic traits are gained via experiences- from the same book. Therebye the acceptance of responsibility is more or less sculpted by the experiences a child faces from the beginning of its life and as of such, the family plays a major role in instilling the sense of responsibility in a child. I don't wish to deadpan the arguements I have given on the basis of some psychology books and try to theorize a trait that is somewhat fuzzy to define; but that's what I could think of, for now.

  2. The picture and caption are impossibly funny. rofl.

  3. @jagdish - demotivational posters! Awesomely cool- well some are and some aren't but one can get a good laugh from them!

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