Friday, August 7, 2009

Significant Rant


Forgive me, but I am in a bit of a temper today. I feel so angry that I feel like buying a teddy bear and then subjecting it to various tortures, the least of which is to stick in some voodoo pins into it's blasted smiling head! Now, what would compel me to torture an innocent stuffed toy, ultimately driving me to destroy it? Simple- I can't kill Ajmal Amir Kasab, can I? So I need a substitute for that maniacal cunt. Okay, maybe I don't mean it- I don't want to kill the teddy bear, that is....

For those of you who aren't in the know, Kasab was the only terrorist who was caught in the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. He was the crazed kid whose picture was splashed all over the media- mass, print, electronic; as he went about shooting people in the CST train station, not similar to shooting rabbits when they become pestilential- anyone in the path of those deadly bullets lay dead on the floor- all people who just wanted to board a train and travel. Ultimately, after a lot of blood-letting, the NSG commandos and the police were able to capture just one man alive- Kasab. Now I am not going to rant about the ineptitude of the politicians to sufficiently supply the police force and the coast guard with money and equipment. I have already done that in the past. NO - that is not my case. My case is that once a terrorist has been caught alive, shouldn't he be executed
- not as fast as possible, mind, but as soon as all viable information from him has been extracted ( I do recommend torture for cunts like these!), get rid of him and let him serve as an example to the others who might try out the same thing. But noooooo........

I am upset at all the obscene demands this worthless waste of space has started making now. The man first wants effing kebabs and now MUTTON BIRYANI (came on NDTV today, but mysteriously has disappeared)!!???? I mean this has to be a bad joke, right? How much information can we extract and for how long can we go on keeping him? Each day he lives, I think India seems weaker in the eyes of the terrorist. Fair trial, I hear some people calling (NGO's, I am looking at you)? This fellow has been caught with incriminating evidence all over him- guns, dry fruits, a weapons cache and goodness knows what else! Does he even need a trial? Let's just get him an ad hoc trial after getting all information from him and let's hang the piece of filth! Moreover he can't give them lots of information!

The reason why Kasab won't have much information about the organization, is simple. A terrorist group is like a a large web, with independent cells, each working on specific tasks. He is the final piece of the puzzle-He wouldn't know the others. He would probably have trained in a camp, been given the weapons and would have come to do his "thing". He does not come into any logisticsThe September the 11th terrorist "flow chart" of personnel and contacts in planning.

operations, how the money is laundered into these organizations, how materials to make these weapons are found, which arms dealers are to be contacted and all that. Each of those things and many more ( I dunno, I am not a terrorist) is done by a cell each with co-ordination from the top. So considering all this, why should we keep this dung beetle (he's worse than that- the dung beetle was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians- it rolled Re around, it did) alive? To tell you the truth, soon we'll have Pizza Hut delivering Halal Pizzas along with some extra chili flakes and a warmer to his cell. Then we'll have a slogan for Pizza Hut soon: "Pizza Hut- Even the terrorists love it!" Why dont we just finish him off??

P.S. This post is a bit strong, but considering that I had my parents about two streets away from where all this happened, I found it very upsetting. But we need to be strong with any such fellows who are a threat to national security. Moreover, I need to post something cheerful soon enough, or else I might end up with a few marbles in my head rolling about and I may end up running around with a teddy bear in my arms for company.


  1. @Narayan I think human rights is very important in case though he has done inhuman activities. Even mumbai trial blast verdict came only this week which is also sad. It takes way too long to deliver. In India, everything takes time but I am sure he will get required punishment.

  2. Well yeah... but does it need to take so much time?? When all evidence is there before the judge??