Sunday, August 2, 2009

Absurdity of commemorating Special days

I fail to understand the significance of celebrating days dedicated to special people. Days marked to show your love, affection, appreciation for mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, *onnuvutta thatha*, *pakathu vootu aunty*, etc. Isn't it absurd that u take just one day to shower all your feelings to these people and not the least, through text messages, Facebook (FB), tweets, scraps etc? Isn't it strange that your feelings are made known on a particular day that is neither commemorative nor significant in your relationship?
C'mon guys, they deserve more than these.

When will this world de-commercialise relationships?? Do you think your friends know how much you mean to them from your actions on a single "special" day especially when a stupid act on any given day could possibly break your relationship regardless of your actions on this particular day.

Buds, if you really treasure your friends, tell them straight to the face about how much highly you regard them, then and there and do not wait for some SPECIAL day for that..

Time is precious, Relationships - even more. Treasure, Cherish and Shower your emotions throughout the year and life and DO NOT "timetablise" your relationships for your own sake.

PS: I'm not able to entirely convey the meaning of the words between *.. You don't need to actually.


  1. @chandra There is a very simple reasons why do we need special days because we want world economy to grow not stagnate. Special days give special reasons to innovate in business. And the concept of special days is not Asian, it is western idea. They came up with idea because they needed it. You know Aishwarya Rai once joked with David letterman that Americans get appointments to meet their own father and mom. In that kinda situation yyou obviously need special days for special people to specially innovate in special business (LOL).

  2. Exactly. I saw that interview too..

  3. Hi Chandra,

    I like your article, especially the quote:

    "Time is precious,Relationships even more. Treasure, Cherish and Shower your emotions throughout the year and life"

    However i do not understand the part of Timetablise relationship. Could you elaborate on that?

  4. Timetabilsing as in, having these spl days like Mother's day, Father's day.. Today happens to be Friendship day so just a thought..

    If u dun mind, could you reveal ur identity pls.

  5. Kalaivani KandesanAugust 2, 2009 at 9:54 AM

    I think special day is not like that....

    you have your special moments with your mum. you will celebrate it for your mum. You will have your friend's birthday, you will celebrate it for your friend.But when u celebrate, only you and your relations join in. You are celebrating for that person.

    When there is special day, everyone can join in the celebrations.

    You dont have to thank your mother in the mother's day. But the whole world can join in to thank the whole mothers in the world including your own mother.

    So, In a special day, you are celebrating the concept, not your relations.......

    Its about the concept..But if you only wish your mother in mothers day, and think about a good friend only in friendship day, think of your teacher only in teachers day, the name is not TIMETABLIZING. It is your ignorance that you identify a special day like that...

    You should celebrate together with eveyone that such days existed cos of the concept...
    That is a speciality of special day....
    Of course there is commericializtion to it.But see the speciality of it too...:-) Make it a special day not only for you , but for everyone around you.

  6. Many special days aren't commercial- we recognise a few because they are commercial, but not the many others- yesterday was "world nurses day". Yeah, but I do agree that with so many days being set out for different people, the few that matter lose their impact on society. We need to lose all those "special" days that mean little to us.

  7. @everyone

    u delete any spl day from u calendar but definitely make sure u maintain "valentine's day" which is the most important of all these days. hahaha!!!

  8. I agree with Kalai. Having a special day for someone/something doesnt mean you do it only that day. Marriage anniversaries are celebrated for people to remember and renew their love. Birthdays are celebrated for people to value and cherish their life with loved ones. In the same vein, friendship day, mothers day and fathers day are meant as a token of love and respect for our friends/mother/father/etc.

    People (read fellow Indians)dont mistake me, but sometimes I feel we just mock at the westerners every chance we get.

  9. Kalaivani KandesanAugust 3, 2009 at 4:51 AM

    Yes jagdish....

    I agree with you ....
    if something is bad, some would say that it must had originated from the West...:-)