Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The most feared word according to me is obviously fear. I listen to "Anniyan" songs, the hero says he never proposed to his ladylove because of the fear of rejection. We tend not to attempt certain things because we fear, we may not able to succeed. We go to an interview hall having fear in our mind that we may not succeed. That fear in our mind actually deteriorate our performance than enhance it. Fear of failure convinces us not to try certain things which are considered to be risky.

Every knowledgeable person definitely know that investing in stock markets would fetch enough returns to sustain their life but they choose not to invest in markets fearing that stocks or investments may go bust. People may possess good interpersonal skills but they may be afraid of speaking to larger audience so they never succeed as good orators.

The fear of failure actually abandons people from experimenting with new ideas. Imagine that you have a wonderful idea which can be commercialized but you think too much or fear that the venture may fail. In that case, you wouldn't put in your full effort to make the venture successful because your brain is not totally convinced that you can succeed. So, fear actually kills your brilliant idea. I certainly think, the mind which is free of fear would achieve lot more than feared mind.


  1. Me too... except for the "investing in stock markets would fetch enough returns to sustain their life" part.

    Come on, who are we kidding :\

  2. Quite awesome- and well put. Fear usually tends to derail everything and tends to be destructive!

  3. from what you are trying to say, fear of failure-seems to be more appropriate, wouldnt you say? so, the most feared word, would be failure...

  4. @Gautham if you just think hard, you will find that it is only the fear which caused those failures in life. Anyway, I do think certainly fear and failure are intertwined.