Saturday, September 19, 2009


It is been a long time, I have written something from my heart so I decided to pen down now.

The love, what I am talking about is not the romantic or sensual love between couples but it is something different which people like to do. They love doing that more than they do their wife (pun intended). Let us first look at some of the bad things which society has labeled it but some people love doing it. Drugs, alcohol, watching pornography are some of the lovely things people crave to do. Next art, writing, storytelling, inventing new technology, coding software and so on is in the list of things people love to do.

Throughout our evolution, God has given some gifts to all the people he has created but the difficulty actually lies in the person’s part to identify that gift. Education might be the best possible way to show case our area of love but because of the academic rigor in the schools we often neglect our interest areas and follow our peers. Not all the people are gifted academically only some are but our society compels us to be educated in the highest orders. The things we really love to do during our childhood may vanish in books of 10th and 12th board exams. Just because hordes of people from your college prepare for CAT you may really give up your cat feeding and loving habit.

Ultimately we end up doing something we never love to do in life. Our lives get boring but we never reveal it because some people may directly depend on you eventually. But some people are really lucky to identify that love in their early life and pursue it till the end of their life. They are the ones who tend to be the most successful in life or they are the ones who actually had an enticing life. There are lots of successful people I can quote but I don’t want to cite them. I don’t know the solution to this burning problem but I certainly think that parents play a vital role in identifying the best things in their children. If they continue to encourage their child to pursue his /her love then the child will definitely have enticing life but that is not the case in reality. I just hope that it changes soon.


  1. Very true. This has a burning issue with my life too. A very thoughtful blog. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more like these!....

  2. @Ranjith Thanks bro! How's your work coming along? Long time no see, looks like we need to connect via blog lol

  3. Yeah, I am doing fine velan. By the way, I have started a blog by the name "Policy Watch: Probing World Policies". Have not made entry yet... We'll keep in touch...

  4. Not at all bad, Hats off for ur initiative.

  5. Nice entry.
    I totally agree that alot of people are doing not what they are loving, but what is required for them to do by others. Like those studying alot, have no choice but to do thier mugging, sacrficing their passions. Its very sad. Most of the time, parents ask the children to take up studies which gives more recognition and pay rather than what the child really loves to do.
    But, i see that nowadays parents are over pushing the child. The child is doing what the parents love not what the child loves to do.

  6. @Kalaivani Yup that also one of my point of views.

  7. Just wanted to share this thing i read, Confucius :Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

  8. Drugs, alcohol, watching porn are the lovely(?) things people crave to do.
    Hmm...see you already know why people should'nt be allowed to do the things that they "really" love.

    On a more serious note: why dont people do the things they really want to do? Its the same reason as to why not everyone will get to be successful and rich. This whole thing about parents, school system, etc is just a pile of excuses we make to satisfy ourselves. Arent people around us succeeding despite the same odds? What separates the majority from the successful minority? Is it luck? God s grace? I think you know the answer. Good day !