Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Know the rules of game (

Do you know we are in the midst of deep recession? I hope every soul knows about it but something unnoticeable is happening around the world. If you’re a middle class you may sometimes think how come the number of BMW or Mercedes Benz keeps increasing in this slump? In America, federal government has thrown money at all the banks that are responsible for this worst financial crisis. Other governments around the world also have doled out millions of dollars or yen or euro or so on. But I don’t really perceive whether the current economic crisis has recovered especially the labor market where most want recovery.

In the middle of this economic crisis there were so many controversial issues like AIG bonus, lax regulation, climate change, carbon cap and trade, G8, G20 and all other things. But yesterday, Goldman Sachs, an investment banks reported bumper profit and send shock waves across the world saying that they have set aside $11.5bn for compensation, it seems each employee will receive 400K of 29,400 total employees. That’s an enormous pay package when most ordinary people don’t have money to buy food.

I was discussing with my professor who did his undergraduate at IIT, Madras and post graduate and PH.D degree from George tech, USA about the passion of students on studies. To much of my surprise he said students in his batch hardly studied because they understood where the easy money is available when reached IITs. Of course it is banking and financial services, so more than half the batch prepared for IIM CAT. To make humungous money, don’t study hard, just know the rules of game. Improve your soft skills!

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