Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Bus Journey

I was travelling from Cuddalore to Chennai on ECR bus during my summer vacation. I am very loquacious so I don't mind whoever sit beside me, I automatically start talking to them. Much to my despair there was none beside me on that day till "Annupuram" because I was travelling in the morning on weekdays. At Annupuram some young stud board the bus and unfortunately sat beside me. I thought I am the most talkative but that guy started talking to me immediately.

He was basically from Mumbai working as an engineer in Kalpakkam Nuclear station. Apparently he is going to get married soon. So, I think he is on cloud nine that might have provoked him to speak.Here is the real interesting story begins. He obviously don't know much Tamil but he is in love with a Tamil Telugu girl why I say Tamil Telugu is their family is settled in Chennai for quiet long time and it seems she can only speak Tamil and English fluently. He told me at first bride's family was against their relationship but they changed their mind when she protested. He asked me "Are love marriages common in Tamil Nadu?" Wow that is a very good question. I said, in urban areas it is getting popular but I don't think it is quiet common.

He told me majority of marriages in mumbai is love marriage. It is not a big surprise to me since mumbai is a cosmopolitan city in India. He remarked, he got to work on different sensitive indigenous technology in nuclear station. I said, wow! great you people are making great contributions to India and I am proud of. From the boring topic, he shifted to talk about his gril friend, he told me the best part of his girl friend is the amount of time she talks. It seems she's normally quiet but once she once starts, end is not near soon. That poor boy admires this quality of her. I really enjoyed the trip. It ended by asking me what I do? what is my ambiton? and things like that. I wished him good luck in all his endeavors and also congratulations for his marriage.

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