Friday, July 24, 2009

Tamils hate North Indians? No, Not all!

My north Indian friends in NTU, keep on asking me ,why tamils hate North Indians. I refute them by saying there is no notion of hatred among tamils. It is a general idea of north indians that tamilians don't want to learn Hindi and they hate Hindi like how french people hate English. But it is not true, majority of south indians especially tamils these days really want to learn hindi. Apparently, it is Tamil Nadu which has highest number of privately registered hindi programs according to "The Hindu". But why there is uneasy between tamils and north indians.

Actually tamils envy the assertive nature of north indians, their socialable culture. Obviously not to hide, most tamil guys want to have north indian girl friends. But the fact, they often don't succeed because north indian guys are aggressive enough to even lure south indian girls. This has actually lead to jealousy and common dislike among young tamils. Sometimes sadly though tamils guys work their ass off to achieve spendidly superub things but still they couldn't compete with normal hindiwala guys when it comes to getting girl friends. So this has automatically lead to envy feelings.

Another important fact why is there an envy feeling is related to the entertainment industry. Tamil movies are so freaking conservative compared to Bollywood movies. Usually successful tamil movies are about village boy chasing for rich girl or emotional family problems or unsuccessful urbanities. But hindi movies on the other hand shows so much of skin and grandeur on the celluloid this has also to lead to jealousy among tamilians for opportunity deprivation. Lastly, it is the fair skin which we all want to have but unfortunately God has cursed as with dark skin so tamil only envy north indians, not hate them. Secretly we want to be like you.


  1. Basically I have observed one simple difference. North Indians are assertive and strong in voicing their opinions. They generally prefer to speak out their mind without any inhibition. On the other hand, an average South Indian analyses all implications that his expression could have and thinks about all those people who are affected/ hurt by his opinion.
    This difference of approach is clearly underlined in every thing including politics. North Indian politics is more outwardly fierce and more like a war of words. South Indian politics is more of a brain game, and taken up more emotionally (or you can call it personally ).

  2. @ shyam, Good spotting! and you have talked well too. hats off, keep contributing.

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  4. The main reason why I think south indians, especially Tamils have a problem with North Indians is because of the language.....
    Its not the fact that Tamils have a problem with learning Hindi - most of my friends speak Hindi pretty well (although I dont) ....
    The problem arises when people favour one language over another.
    Language is probably the only issue that can wreck as much havoc (if not more) as religion in India.
    Tamils in particular are fiercely proud of their ancient language. When foreign languages - be it English or Hindi are perceived as a threat to their own, friction, agitation and chaos in general ensues.
    The whole history behind the formation of DMK is based on anti-hindi agitations, protesting against the then government's efforts to make Hindi as the only official language of India.
    If not for the 1962 Indo-Sino war DMK and ADMK would probably still have been separatist parties like the Telangana.
    Here is an interesting find from the Official Languages Act.
    The government here lists a set of rules on when to use Hindi and when one can use English. All these apply to all states EXCEPT Tamilnadu....I guess this just shows the ferocity of Tamilians when it comes to protecting their language, and this, I feel is the major source of friction between the Norths and the Souths (specifically Tamils)

  5. @AM I can't more agree with u. I have already written an elaborate article on "Tamil Identity" it may interest u At the same time we tamils who don't know Hindi should learn it and tell them what tamil lang. can offer them if opportunity arises. Good comment bro!

  6. @velan: Nonsense. The issue of gals does nt arise at all. There is no inferiority complex among S.Indians. We are nt cursed to have dark skin,, maybe cursed to have had all the dravidian parties in power one after the other. Honestly, i haven learnt tamil properly and neither do i speak hindi. The only good thing is that Tamil language is still widely spoken compared to other regional languages.
    Anw, i'll take it light hearted. WOW, AM has gone pretty deep factually. well done.

  7. i don't agree that tamil guys want to have north indian gf... i think tamil guys use north indian girls for flirting and sight seeing... honestly, if you were to consider your girl friend as a prospective of your future wife, you would never consider them as potential girl friend in the first place...

    secondly, there are reasons why someone hates a particular group of people even though you have never mingled with them... take for example, most tamil form TN would frown if you tell them you are sinhalese from srilanka. anyone disagrees? its a hatred that has been in build in you... likewise, the way the north indians behave with other races or language people is very well known... they regard you lowly if you are from the south... this is a fact. anyone dares to disagree with this??? they think you are dark, unglam looking and cant speak as good an english as them. because of this, they disregard you. this is the main reason why tamil people hate north indians...

    And to those north indians who claim that as indians you need to know hindi, here is the thing... look at singapore... a much prosperous and racially unified county... malay is the national language, and only less than 10% know this language...

    Having been born in an Indian village in TN, i am really proud that i am now a Singaporean and feel proud of my self, feeling that i am superior than any north indian because i am not an indian... -elamaran

  8. @chandra, I don't think we are inferior. It just if we'd have fair skin and aggressiveness like N.I in case of wooing girls we can also get a girl. Good, keep commenting.

    1. dark skin bullshit only in our country bro! i really hate when those losers say light skin is superior ! u can get a chick even if your jet black maybe not in india though :)

  9. @elamaran I think we should be open minded and embrace all cultures instead of arguing for which is better or best that will definitely lead to peace.

  10. dei vela,, dats exactly wat i disagree with. no1 gets attracted by the skin color. anw, lets juz stop here.

    ELA dei,, porum da porum. yen indha veri onaku??

  11. Kalaivani KandesanJuly 25, 2009 at 9:35 AM

    HI velan...Nice post. I also wondered about this post for a very long time....I had met alot of north indians and south indians from india as well as singapore. I observed this too.

    I think generally, tamil language is the most ancient language with so much richness in its literature. Our tamil habits and culture has so much meanings. Tamil is like the mother which begetted the dravdidian language children like Telugu, Kannada, Tulu and Malayalam. It is a well known fact to everyone.

    At 3000 B.C, we already had a very ancient grammer work called Tolkapiyam. In that work not only language grammer, but the rules to follow for a good life is also written. From time immemorial, Tamil people have lived a very fruitful life.

    Adhering to Tamil principles, Tamil people are very tolerant. They believe that everyone is the same family and hail form the same nativity. "Yathum ore yavrum kelir" . THat is tamil thinking.

    A true tamil has a very open mind in respecting other people culture. They do not discriminate people by race, language and religion. But of course, humans are not perfect, they have their own discrimination.
    But in the tamil philosophy and tamil thinking, it is said that we should respect everyone with open mind. In that manner, I think alot of Tamil people give alot of respect to other languages and races.
    However, do North Indians give the same? ALot of north indians speak in HIndi even when there is presence of non-Hindi speakers. They joke alot and carry on talking in Hindi. Wheres, usually Tamil people, when there is even one non-Tamil speaking person, they will speak in English.
    ANother thing, Tamil people dont force people to learn Tamil. It is not fair for anyone to force people to learn a language which they cant identify with. Tamil people from young identify themselves with Tamil and dont think its necessary to learn other languagues. However,Tamil people from the past travel overseas. They had learnt the native language and blended in. But they never forced anyone to learn Tamil. Tamil is a beautiful language, that non-Tamil speaking people learn it with their own passion to speak such a sweet language.

    I don't discriminate anyone from the nationality and language.That is the true Tamil mentality.

    ANd about the looks, movies etc. I am sure there is equal amount of stupid movies bollywood and southern movies. And equal amount of gorgeous and good looking babes and hunks in both south and north. And, all Tamils are very proud of thier heritage to feel any inferior complexity or hatred towards anyone.......

  12. @Kalaivani WOW is the only word to describe your atriculate comment. Good work! Very personal and indepth message. hats off! Let your passion live long life

  13. i personally think that the seperating line between the North Indians and south indians is actually pretty thin but, many people try to make that virtual line actually count. I am a pure tamil south Indian who till my 7th standard did not know how to write my mother tongue "tamil". The reason being my second language i studied was hindi and thought of it as an extra option apart from my mother tongue which i can learn anytime( if really interested!!). I learnt tamil exclusively for reading comics and "Aavi (Ananda vikatan)" magazines. Even though my initial motivation was to read those magazines rather than because of my barbaric interest in my mother tongue, i achieved what i wanted to do. I actually speak hindi fluently as most of my north indian friends tell. The reason was when i was working for my bread and butter, the situation demanded. i have actually lot of North Indian friends. getting acquainted with anybody in their birth language is always easier compared to a foreign langauge (anyway exceptions are there as some people may argue). Since been with them for sometime,they are actually very nice people who show their friendships in a very wild way. I don't think south indians are afraid of their personality in attracting the females as some of my own close friends have married north indian gals. It is upto the individuals (north and south indians) to erase or make the line thinner rather than poking in our own eyes.

  14. @karthic Good perception. U gave another dimension to the issue. Hope everyone understands this.

  15. i competely accept with karthic, yes offcourse and there was a time that south people ( tamil people especially) where thinking that NI are completely diffirent people from south, yes there race diffirent but thats not humanity and more over thats we started feeling diffirance because of political party taking advantage and wants to gain the power. i have seen they speak all those things to gain the intial power in the state, once they reach that, there next aim is to go beyond the state... so they act that they not even know what they spoke regarding NI....

    yes there was a time that, leaders where who ruled without modern education that not applicable now, we need make a harden rule that politician must have a master degree in any line. i am very strong on that point, because there are the people elected to rule the country.

    There is wrong perception that the NI are very hard and SI are very smooth in handling things, yes NI express there joy and sorrows in open and loudly, that make them look hard people...

    Another major diffirence is, if your observe all south indian languages will have some similar words in there languages and all north indian languages will have atleast some similar word in there langauage. But there are no similar words between SI and NI languages ( according to me) that makes hard for South people to learn north languages and vice versa.

  16. @kalivani

    How many North indian friends u have?? ur view is from very old purists point of view.I don't totally agree with this in the modern world. There are people in south who are not open-minded like north and vice-versa. Our south indians have a basic problem in everything,to be frank they want every ambience they encounter to be like their own native. I have seen lot of my friends who actually hesitate to accustom to the other ambiences citing some useless reasons. North Indians are pretty straight forward compared to south indians, if they show their love r hatred it will be pretty open to the face unlike we south indians who always try to vent it at the back. we south indians don't actually enforce other people to learn our language, the reason is, apart from ur household activites u can't use that language for anything else. simple example,i called ICICI bank tele services in south india ( i don know where the call get connected but surely it was in south india only) for a query, i was talking in tamil for sometime and the lady never responded to me thinking that i am a barbaric villager who don't know english and she gave me a s**t. Then i spoke to her in english and she solved my query, in our own place the language is not selling,how can u expect others to learn this?? Adaptation is a key, the seth people in sowcarpettai area speak tamil beautifully compared to me ( i don't know about u :) ),the simple reason is for his living.

  17. I agree with "Kalaivani"!
    At karthic(tic tic)... kalaivani is a pure tamil name... and it is not, kalivani!

  18. @govind raj : Have to disagree with that... Malayalam has lots of words of sanskrit origin... which it shares with Hindi...

    Interesting post, but frankly i don't like all the hate flowing through some of the comments, (some are quite well written though)

    Anyway, i disagree with sathiya about skin showing in hindi movies, fairer girls being more beautiful and most vehemently about hindi movies being good...

  19. readers!
    This post is written with a subtle fun rather than invoking people's emotion.

    1. You think Skin color is a issue you are really disgusting and sick moreover we never want to have north Indian girls as gfs.Tamil girls are more cute than them.You are a real racist man. I want to say a truth here no Tamil respect Hindi.It is a open truth i dont want to smile and dance to make a north Indian happy they are not our boss. I think you have nt seen Tamil films.The only actor whose films are requested to be in U.S film schools are shivaji ganeshan`s film.No one in India have got the credit. If you think NI are so aggressive are we have not that aggressive my hands are sooo ichy.The line Tamils girls fall for North guys sound too hard and too irritating.I think you live in a imaginary world. No one can boss us we will be like this only we will never learn Hindi.If you try to be our boss we wont even hesitate to say Tamil comes first than India.

  20. @Vaisagh: me i know all south languages including the writing also, because i live in bangalore which is a multi language city, i have friends from all langauges. i dont know wether you malayalam or not. its a beautiful language, how ever there are lots are similarity in between tamil and malayalam. More i have heard people and read in books also that Tamil and Sanskrit are one of the very ancient languages among worlds history. so, therefore u can expect few words are similar.

    we should accept the hard true that south people, doesnt want want to learn north languages, it doesnt mean that they cant, they can definately......

    More over in regards to fairer girls, yes offcourse NI girls fairer than SI girls ( there are exceptions always ), thats because of climatic changes. that we cant think much about that......we should accept trueth and good wether it comes in dark skin or fair skin, thats the reason we are humans with thinking ability......

  21. actors like rajinikanth,MGR,vishal,bharath,prithviraj,ajith, afre belong to other states but still the tamil people love this actors.i think the north indians have a wrong belief about thr tamils

  22. South Indians are educated, cultured and diplomatic. So when aggressive north Indians come, they feel irritated.

    What colour? Except Punjabis and Kashmiris, all Indians are of same colour. Come to chennai, I will show pretty fair girls and dark girls in north as well!

  23. வணக்கம் திரு இளமாறன்
    உங்கள் கருத்தை நான் வழிமொழிகிறேன்.

  24. @karthic said...
    /* I am a pure tamil south Indian who till my 7th standard did not know how to write my mother tongue "tamil". The reason being my second language i studied was hindi
    I actually speak hindi fluently as most of my north indian friends tell*/
    dei loosu ethu oru perumaiyada eruma, nee padicha hindi'ya vachi avangalalil oruthanuku tamil
    sollikoduthuripiya ella avangathan padipangala,
    /*i called ICICI bank tele services in south india ( i don know where the call get connected but surely it was in south india only) for a query, i was talking in tamil for sometime and the lady never responded to me thinking that i am a barbaric villager who don't know english and she gave me a s**t. Then i spoke to her in english and she solved my query, in our own place the language is not selling */
    its due to people like u,BTW it shows ur complexity towards tamil and if u beleive she doesn't response only bcoz of tamil then u should raise this issue to the concern person.
    உன்னைபோல் மடையர்கள்(கடிந்து கொண்டதுக்கு மன்னிக்கனும்) அதிகம் இருக்கும்வரை தமிழை வளர்ப்பது சற்று கடினம்தான் ஆனால் அதை எல்லாம் கடந்து தமிழ் நிச்சயம் ஒருநாள் பிற மொழிகளான ஆங்கிலம், செர்மனியம், சப்பானியம் போல் அனைத்து துறையிலும்(எ-டு பொருளியல், மருத்துவம், இராணுவம், கணினி, வர்த்தகம்) வளரும். இதற்கு முதல் தடங்கல் இந்தியா என்ற கூட்டாட்சிதான், பல இனங்களால் ஆன இந்தியாவை அவர்கள் இனத்தையும் மொழியையும் மட்டும் வளர்க்க பயன்படுத்துகிறார்கள், அதனால் தான் இந்தியாவில் உள்ள அனைவரும் இந்தியையும் அவர்களின் கலாச்சாரத்தையும், பழக்கவழக்கங்களையும் தெரிந்தி வைத்திருக்க வேண்டும் என எதிர்பார்கிரார்கள், எப்படி முகலாயர்களால் சமற்கிருதம் வழக்கொழிந்ததோ அதுபோல் வடநாட்டவர்களால் இந்தியா என்னும் ஆளுமையால் தமிழ் என்கின்ற செவ்வியல் மொழி வழக்கொழிந்துவிடும். இந்தி எனபது இந்திய மொழிகளில் அதுவும் ஒன்று, ஆனால் தமிழோ இந்தியா, சிங்கப்பூர், இலங்கை,மலேசியா போன்று பல்வேறு நாடுகளில் ஆட்சிமொழியாக இருக்கிறது, நம் இந்திய மொழியான தமிழ் பலநாடுகளில் வளர்ந்திருப்பதை நினைத்து இந்தியா புலங்காகிதம் அடையுமா இல்ல வடநாட்டவர்தான் பெருமைகொள்வார்களா சிந்திக்கவேண்டும், நாம என்னைக்காவது இவனுங்கள தமிழ் படினு சொல்லுறோமா இவனுங்க மட்டும் இந்தியை படிங்கனு உயிரவாங்குறானுங்க, வடநாட்டுகாரனுங்க ரொம்ப அறிவளியாட்டம் நாங்க உங்கள தமிழை படிக்க வேண்டாம் என்று சொல்லவில்லை இந்தியை முன்றாவது மொழியாகதானே படிக்க சொல்லுகிறோம் இது எப்படி இருக்கு, அதுசரி எங்க மொழி நிங்க படிப்பிங்களா அது எப்படி உங்க மொழி வளர்ந்து விட்டால்? அடபோங்கடா நிங்களும் உங்க இந்தியாவும்

  25. yaar we are one people this south north plank was a British ploy to divide us. Tamil,Telugu, hindi,sanskrit and all languages and cultures are same. we must respect them otherwise we will be enslaved by foreigners again. United we stand divided we fall. DMK and political parties divide us for power and nothing else.I am a rajasthani and trust me I love south, Bengal , bihar and whole of my mother India. First Greeks , then arabs, then mughals and then britishers made us slave as they knew we dumb indians can fight even on any pity issue.Only that language is superior in which we can say I am proud to be an Indian. Aryan-dravidian theory was british conspiracy and now it has been proved it was a piece of crap. I love telugu and tamil songs. But now I am heartbroken to see indians fighting on name of south-north divide. Marathi beating biharis. Bihar was once seat of Nalanda university and they will now again develop. I have learnt my lesson from history that Indians are one but foreigners have divided us and beaten us, made us poor and at last when we gained independence in 1947 we dumb idiotic race are still fighting. That is why world laughs at us.

  26. I am from Tamil Nadu, i would like to few questions to my brothers/sisters from north India:
    1) Please show one instance in the history when Tamil people has shown hatred towards north Indian people. I am asking about which period or when Tamil people hate north Indian people. Please come and visit a place 'Sowcarpet' in Chennai where large people of Rajasthan lives, come visit industrial areas of city called Tirupur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy and many more places where north Indians live. Both communities are in harmony and they share happiness. Please do not say the protest for Hindi as a reason.
    2) Did ever Tamil people asked north Indians to learn Tamil? Then why North Indians force Tamil people to Hindi? This is what happened in 1940 by the politicians at the center. They forced Tamil people to learn Hindi.
    3) Our language is one of the oldest and our culture is rich in spiritual. You could obviously so many ancient temples that helped Tamil culture to grow in spiritual. Having spiritualism in depth we never had community clashes.
    4) Retaining our traditional values, we were adopting the modern culture that does not affect the humanity and our own tradition.
    Our culture teaches us to follow ‘vanthaarai vaazhavaikanum’, means “whoever comes to us should be taken care”. Majority of the Tamil community has this in their blood.
    It is just the people mindset that needs to change. Tamil people welcome everyone, and don’t hate anyone.

  27. Tamilians might love or hate Hindi,date North Indian girls(Which is very unlikely) but we Keralites hate North Indians so much because we consider you as ugly beggars who like to beg for everything,spit pan in liters and talk a shitty language called Hindi and boast it like it's the National Language of India.I don't know Tamil or Malayalam but I'm pretty good at English and that's enough.I'm a proud Keralite.

  28. Sometimes i get a feel whether we lack mutual respect for each other. But when i see Mani Rathnam and A.R. Rehman celebrated in North India and Amitha Bachan and Narendra Modi respected in South India shows me that we Indians respect talents and intellectuals irrespective of their language or colour. We recognise people on what they gain from the world rather from what they got from their birth.

    From my experience i have seen that NI politicians and civilians are very outspoken and speak whatever comes in their mind irrespective of the time and situation. Tamils have their own way of doing politics especially Karuna who is a cunning politician.

    Being assertive or passive doesn't matter but the outcome really does. With less than 20 seats in the ruling party and TN politicians are still managing to get good ministries and develop their state. Have we notice that??

    Moreover, Love is intuitive and skin colour can stimulate only testosterone and lust. So tamil guys look with a lust spec more than a love spec. I presume