Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spotted Shruthi's tattoo!

I was watching Shruthi Haasan's interview on Indian Today website. Most of the time, the camera angles change and the cameraman was focusing more on the shoulder of shruthi than her face. In the beginning, I couldn't understand why that crazy fellow is showing shruthi's shoulder than face of both interviewer and interviewee. Later, I figured out that there is something like a tattoo on the shruthi's shoulder. So I googled it like any curious mind.

You know what, much to my surprise it is her name tattooed in tamil. Wow! She is so proud of her name and her language (I think). I always used to admire her father (Kamal Haasan) for selfless attitude. He is obviously one of the great actors of India. I like most of his movies and he took tamil cinema to new heights. I never thought shruthi will be like her father.

Shruthi wears many hats, she is a singer, actor and musician. Her recent movie luck has been released on July 24. I hope she will emerge as a good actor. Good luck to her! Coming to the tattoo, I have now become a fan of her mainly due to the tattoo and her braveness to show it to the public. Anyone like me?


  1. @sat

    I think she would have thought to see what all she does makes news and she found an ardent fan in you. would have initially thought of tattooing in english but, some of the social websites will now a make a huge news saying that she has done it in tamil and will attain popularity. I read the review of her movie luck and it has been rated a "dud". Moreover how far her tamil is fluent has to be seen, obviously for a person who has done this act!!

  2. i knew abt the tattoo long back. There's nothing much to WOW abt anw. As far as i understand, she's juz like Kamal, & this is only based on the interviews she has given. Jus youtube it.
    In summary, she's a semma figuru! hehe

  3. @chandra I am in total agreement with ur last statement. So ur also a good fan of her. LOL. She also sings very well.

  4. Kalaivani KandesanAugust 2, 2009 at 10:23 AM

    Sry, but i dont like shruthi and her father Kamal hassan...
    People say kamal hassan is such a great actor, talented person..But i dont like the mentality for both kamal and shruthi.
    Even trisha has a tatoo of her name in her chest. You can see it in the bheema song, ragasiya kanavugal. All these actresses tatooing their names is not for the love of thier tamil name, it is more of attention seeking.
    People like kamal hassan, shruthi like to do anything that has mass appeal. Cant stand them...
    Kamal hassan had too much irritating intimate scences with the actresses. Now the father is allowing the daughter to do the same with actors. It is a vicous cycle, i hope the tamil cinema can have really great actors with great personalities onscreen and offscreen.
    ONe movie which really captived me is kallori. And i liked the acting from those unknown faces. Like that great movies are made with so much actors and actresses who are more intersted in pure acting instead of shameful ACTIONS to seek mass appeal.