Friday, July 31, 2009

An Adventurous Application

Heard of Aleksey Vayner? I might be the last person to review his video resume but I am not actually going to criticize him instead going to praise him for the courage and audacious attitude. Watch the video, you will see what Vayner is upto. He prepared this video as part of his resume to UBS Investment banking Analyst position. He was a yale student and sent this video which eventually has become internet meme. How many people has watched "How I met your mother?" in one of episodes Barney did the same video resume which is the copy cat of Vayner's idea in "The Possimpible".

As all the final year students of 2010 will be obviously worried about the recruitment because of the ongoing crisis though it is improving recently, this video will provide rejuvenated spirit for success in career search. Vayner literally touch on all the important job interview questions. Especially answers to the question of how do you define success, he says it is the mental transformation. He gives utmost importance to the physical endurance when you want to transform your mental image to success. Almost every skill which is vital for career success is depicted in the most innovative or creative manner. After watching the video, you may consider Vayner to be a looser, I'd say he is not a looser instead chose a untraveled path.

He eventually he didn't land any job from any investment banks but he is the internet phenomenon whom many people want to imitate him. I admire his audacity and way he portrays success. Actually creativity is almost difficult to teach. Thinking out of box is always credited by rewards. Creative people like him always find it easy to innovate things easily and also those people tend to be very entrepreneurial. His entrepreneurial instincts comes from his background, he hails from central Asian country which was ravaged by war. His economic survival made him to think one step further than others to come up with crazy ideas. I read that he is now involved in writings books on how to think out of box.


  1. Good job Velan!
    Well, taking an Eastern European history in Yale probably something easier than mechanical engineering in NTU. That's why people have time to form companies, be financial advisers, teach martial arts.CEO and professional athlete...
    I won't be surprised that this is something possible to archive while you are in college. It's just a matter how smart & hard you work.
    IvyGate reported that Aleksey married recently, and this fact confirms "Impossible is nothing" statement has a place in today's society.
    I would like to wish a good like to his wife and to all aspiring I-bankers :)
    P.S. Central Asia and Uzbekistan in particular was not "ravaged by war", as there wasn't any battles except minor riots against Russian Authorities.

  2. @Anonymous
    Thanks for fact check, I always thought central Asia is ravaged by war. Isn't soviet split due to the differences in Russian principles? I really don't know much about this. But I like to knew more from people who knows a lot about it.