Sunday, March 11, 2012

New attempt..

It is generally a rare occasion for me to scribble a poem but I was unconventionally compelled to write one. My poem is tribute to people who saved me from dangers of skiing in pyrenees, France.

I call the title of this haiku "SNOW", here you go:

Strong in precipitation
Shines in light
Slid in a slippery slope
Shallow in sedative sleep
Shutters visibility in wind
Storms while in pressure but
Seduces while in pleasure indeed
Sight of a beautiful pearl
Sings sonnets in the clouds though
Suffers solitude in dark
Sensitive to summer
Sublime when it bursts also
Saturates when it falls, delicately
Slanderous to scandalous skiers, verily
Signorina too behaves like snow 

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