Saturday, March 10, 2012

From foreign correspondance

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I begin to write where I left the pen on the observations of an alien who have now matured into an official foreign correspondent. He has transformed from reading books about the country of his residence to practicing the real culture. He begins to examine the meaning of culture. He starts to wonder whether the major practicing religion has any influence on it. What about the fabled education system of a country, does it impact the culture of a country? How does weather influence behaviours of its people? How is the mosaic of culture made of? He finds the intriguing answers to his questions through introspection of his experiences and readings. A learned person would probably define culture as representative thought of people based on their beliefs, values, attitudes and taste. This multitude of definitions makes our foreigner busy to experience cultural pandora box.  He reckons the best way to understand a culture is always starting to debate on any topic and relate to the experience in his country.

As the economist claims even the paintings of a country would reveal the prolific performance of its economy, I kept wandering around the archived museums of my adopted country to paint the economic timeline. My wallet got emptied time and again to traverse the vast landscape of beautiful snow clad mountains, breezed beaches and its tranquil countryside. I deduce the mild romanticism of its people that I am not quite used to from their smile, gestures, dress and sexuality. I begin to find solace in my solitude through sensual relationship. Consequently, I observe my adopted country through prism of my partner. I understand the new found colour and creed of my world around me, eventually embracing its profound delicacies. I listen to the melodramatic description of its history that swallows the distress of war and disease. My intellect then turns to its tradition of music, cinema, literature and other forms of arts to comprehend the compelling thoughts of its elite.

I read voraciously country’s vox populi on the political newspapers and magazines. I debate details of the politics with natives. I indulge myself in the mastery of its traditional sports and dance. I begin to ape the natives in dressing and body language. I even cook the cuisine that everybody in the country eats regularly. The things I once fancied as a foreigner begins to become custodian to the very own customer. As a customer to this foreign land, I have literally amused myself. I explored, enjoyed and occasionally rejoiced of leaving my homeland to report about some alien place. Nevertheless, my love affair with this foreign land is almost complete; I broke the very fabric of my sensual relationship. However, I am convinced that myriad varieties of people around the world are ultimately united by this magical touch of humanity that boils down to simple show of sympathy and sincerity in any relationship. I, as a foreigner in this feigned part of the planet finally have to leave this beautiful paradise.

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