Saturday, January 9, 2010

why south indians are not getting attacked in Australia

Has anyone heard if anyone named Narayanan or karthik or Kannan getting attacked in Australia? What do you think are the reasons why these names don't appear in the news?

Well, anyone can easily understand that, if you behave well in a class during your primary school days, your teachers would have liked you and would have taken care of you. Well south Indians certainly have been taught this lesson and they carry forward this attitude of behaving well where ever they travel.

South Indians, especially, Tamilians, are known for adapting well to different environment, be it harsh or easy going. They certainly know the limits of living in another country and how they should behave in order to mingle with the locals well or at least stay out of trouble.

The South Indians are certainly less egoistic and more practical than their counterparts. They know the objective of their stay in a country like Australia. They are there to study and earn a living; not to show off their dominance over others like Indians from certain regions of India always indulge in.

No matter how well developed they are, most South Indians remain humble and hope to improve their existing skills, instead of trying to portray an image that they are superior to the locals in every possible way. This humbleness sets South Indians apart from others and makes them desirable people, as opposed to getting stabbed by some extremists in Australians.

One has to understand that there has to be reasons for extreme behaviours of people, especially those coming from a developed nation like Australia. As long we South Indians stay humble, we are safe where ever we are.


  1. oh pls! i dun wanna see any discrimination among indians! we're all indians & lets show our solidarity and empathise with e victims.

    its juz a chain reaction, one attack leading to e other & so on.

    I really hate to read e words south indians or tamilian... we're all one & when we take pride in our unity in diversity, such terms only fuel e flames of e racists.

    the indian govt shd take stiff and unprecedented action and even threaten to stop sending indian students to australia. it'll hurt them real bad!

  2. well, you said you don't want to see discriminations among indians.

    Well firstly you should tell people who make hindi movies to stop making tamilians look like an idiot.

    Secondly, we are certainly not one. The first question an Indian ask you is, are you south or some other indian. So how can we be one?

    And most importantly, can you see from the way Indians behave that any local people will certainly hate them. Even my chinese friends finds them freaking annoying. Even my indian friend who is a PR finds them too egoistic. And of course I don't have to tell you how I find them. If poeple like me find them annoying, what makes you think the Aussies will like them. I am sorry to say this dude, but in true honesty, the Aussies are treating Indians this way because of the reasons I have stated. Why do you think the chinese are not getting screwed atleast not as badly as the Indians. Are you going to tell me the Indians are more successful than the Chinese and therefore the Aussies are targetting the Indians only.

    I am not saying this for argument sake but this is what I truly feel.

  3. Well- I know of many North Indians and not all of them are arrogant and all that- there are some of them who do have a strong sense of identity- just as many south indians do! There are many who quite frankly don't give a flying eff that they are from the north and are rather nice people! But there was an attack carried out against an Andhraite- which shows to me that if attacks are racially motivated then it won't matter if you buy your attacker a beer or just try to run away from him- He will happily strike you down and thank you for the beer anyways!

    There are some who just strike me as being highly disrespectful to their host nations and act the right c***. Part of this feeling rises from a feeling of denial- a show of defiance against the once mighty "goras". Others are just poor at adjusting- Let me just say that not all south indians are that flexible themselves! Humility comes only to those who truly learn to appreciate other cultures and not sneer at others' customs, especially when we have some weird ones of our own! Some should not turn out to be rather scathing- I think the locals know they are being insulted and they just don't know how! Then there are some bits of behavious that are normal in India and are just truly irritating in other nations. The sooner we know their customs and respect them, the better for us- and it applies to south and north indians!

  4. @Chandra Really appreciate and stand by your appeal for unity and oneness. We really need to discard regional and linguistic differences. Knee-jerk reactions wont get us anywhere though. There is conflict and turmoil everywhere. We cannot blame/boycott a whole country for that.

    @ela: I m really saddened by the first part of your comment. Just bcoz we ask each other are you northie/southie, we cant be one nation? This thought prevails everywhere. You should see how people in the US mock at each other saying they are Yankees, Mid westerners, Southern drawl, etc..Even in china there are lots of regional differences. But when it comes to national issues they all stand by the flag.

    Your sencond part of the comment, I whole heartedly agree. Indians are mostly noisy, impolite, inconsiderate and (gulp!) smell funny. We try to imitate accents (which is sooo annoying) and move around with an air that irritates people. And dont get me started on the banding. A group of indians (north/south doesnt matter) stroll around talking loudly in indian language with no care to the people around.

    @Narayan Spot on !

  5. India is divided on all the lines that is our strength and weakness. Unity in diversity is an apt statement.

  6. i think its very dangerous to generalise people based on geographic criteria. it depends more on the way they are brought up. not all north indians are arrogant, not all south indians are humble.also, where do we delineate north and south?the mid point of madhya pradesh?

  7. @narayan-oops, i guess mine is redundant. just read your comment!

  8. @All

    I had been in TCS training @ Gujarat and we had ppl from UP, WB, Maharastra and of course us.

    I would just tell u what I experienced.

    I was no one as long as the 1st EC results came out. Tamils were isolated might be coz we dunno Hindi, but at the end ppl came to me and 1 or 2 other Tamil guys who were toppers.

    Other than that there was negligence and even in my case. The way a Bengali behaves with a Marathi or other combinations are more cordial than that with me.

    This is a mail I got from a Bengali frnd who was posted in B'lore:

    "yes i'm well in b'lore, got a bengali place & frnd.. no probs wid staying bt as sch i'm nt liking this city & its culture... i still miss kolkata & the homely atmosphere of kolkata, its rich culture...... :("

    Make u r own judgement.

  9. vanakkam and Congrats! blogger
    Thanks for yet another attempt to divide us (Indians).
    now may i ask you if you even consider yourself Indian? Don't mind it buddy. But Indians are united. If you consider that Hindi is bad then it is because large part of india speaks it. I myself learned it and i love india because i consider myself INDIAN. It is nothing to do with what Language you speak but how well your parents brought you up. All parts of india are rich in culture. If you say that north indian are arrogant then how much effort we put to get along with them. All my friends just hate North Indians because someone told them to hate. They have not met one yet and still they hate North Indians because our teacher says we must hate them. Much of the hate in us is because we are constantly brainwashed to hate north india and in fact INDIA as a whole.

  10. f***k**n brahmans in this blog dont call urself a southie bcoz u are not belong to south even if ur mother toungue is one of the southern orgin

    we always divide none can change it bcoz we are dravidans