Monday, October 12, 2009

Please read this!!!!!!!!

Hi spotalks readers,

This is the most inspiring story I have ever read in my life. This guy deserve more than respect if you have enough money try to donate some to his noble cause.



  1. yeh read this article.. its really interesting and a inspiring story.
    No such headmaster i have ever met in my life.

  2. what an irony that this has to be reported through the foreign press. What the heck is the indian media doing??? juz camping outside Raj Thackeray's hse for sensationalising & inadvertently giving him the coverage that he craves. Or arnd bollywood lking for who's dating who??? Indian media is juz overrated.

  3. @sat- this is a totally awesome article

    @harish- don't think many would have had a headmastter like that! :P

    @chandra- What with the number of media channels in India and many more still popping up, I can understand the absolute and repugnant wartiness that inflicts our sensationalist media. I just don't want the media ending up looking a poisonous toad compared to "true" reporting agencies such as Reuters and AFP (which very sadly it seems to be becoming)

  4. @chandra I am surprised you have such things to say about our great Indian media which runs nail biting stories such as "Police commissioner's dog missing" on national television (Aaj Tak, if I remember correctly). They must be truly commended for even following up and running the news of the dog found later on, again on national TV.

    The boy deserves national recognition and enough funds and support to build a real school.

  5. I hate Indian media for its incompetence in Journalism. There are lot of parts of journalism which is really missing in our media. I never came one investigative journalism article either in TV or in Newspaper. Indian media need to overhaul if it want to make a difference in the society.