Friday, October 11, 2013

A dangerous four letter

As we age, we live through different phases of life. The surging hormones change our physique and mind but there is nothing worse than the four letter words that spins oneself out of control. It transports oneself to an oasis in a desert. The world around oneself is transformed into lovely place. One's ears are blocked but it repeats those sweet voice again and again. It changes one's personality, behaviour and demeanour. One is transformed to be less rude, gentler and more helpful than before.

It fills in those empty, lonely, emotionless veins of heart and start to give meaning to beating life. It gives purpose and dimension to life. Nothing bothers oneself any longer, one becomes tolerable to put out any nuisance. This world is empty without this wondrous feel, I call it love like the following short scribblings.

"Like the stranded boats in the river, I wait stranded in my life until love came. Love showed me beauty, care, empathy,  intelligence, courage, literally " everything " and finally the purpose of life. This four letter little poisonous word transcends the borders of religion, creed, caste, nationality, race, language, age, cultural differences and all the differences this human civilization has erected. It is a miracle that evokes the feel of flying butterflies in the stomach, wakes oneself in the middle of the night and makes oneself roam around as a headless human"

I call this eternal LOVE.

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  1. The style sounds like the famous Vairamuthu's poem on love. Unakul iruntha vairamuthu France pona vudan shakesspeare aayitaare !!