Thursday, May 6, 2010

murphy's laws...

I am starting to my college, so it started to rain heavily. as soon as i was inside the safe confines of my department, the rain stopped. The rains are always different when you walk. its rushing into your face, creating a tremendous amount of precipitation right in front the glasses so that you have to take your glasses off in case you need to see the 18 wheel trailer that would have squished you had you not taken them out at the right time. as soon as you go stand in a bus stop, the bus driver knows you are there, and somehow manages to drive slowly (by telepathy,i think), very slowly, so that you are totally drenched. the instant you get inside the bus, your pockets respond normally, by holding the change in. you would find every other currency note except the dollar that is very much necessary; it is usually during this time that you can hear the people breathe very heavily, the whole bus waiting for you. you are responsible for their delay. if they are late for a meeting, its you. if they are late for the flight, you should pay them their fare.

computer labs are god's way of playing chance games on mortals. i am shocked by the utter simplicity of the algorithm though. if you are desperate to do something for your assignment in the lab, you will not get a system, it will be full. depending on the % availability, you have to reassess your assignment's importance. if its very important, sorry man, tough luck. if its not, you just might find a space. if you see an empty space,

#1 there is a person on the other door waiting for the system and he is close to the seat

#2 the computer just crashed

#3 you forgot your password and you hear heavy breathing of the other 'waitees' from behind.

#4 the guy next to the seat has reserved the seat for his girl friend.

just before the day of the exam, you would feel like you have to absolutely sleep, in the absence of which your head will explode into a million and eight pieces. but the day the exam is over, not even a million gallons of cough syrup would put you to sleep.

so much for normalcy in life...