Monday, February 15, 2010


straight sets. i ask you, straight sets. what is this, the nungambakkam chennai open? even that event's final game was more interesting than the one sided australian open final game. roger federer was sipping martini on one side of the net, a shaken and stirred andy murray was puffing, panting, cursing, bruising, swearing, and was reduced to being a mortal, on the other side. if there ever was an event that could have completely made justice to the expression "without breaking a sweat", federer's game was one. it was a statement by itself, much to my chagrin, much to some other people's squeals of happiness. if schumacher can get back into racing, why can't we have pete back?

i relished a hope that rafa would prove to be a revelation in tennis, after the mighty federer. I was left licking my wounds when andy murray(who, you ask?) actually won the first two sets in the quarterfinals. Rafa did not retire, he lost! How badly i wanted andy roddick to win the wimbledon final last year. I was not looking for a competitor; i was merely looking for temporary solace in the form of shock defeats for roger. Roddick was playing like pete; there were moments when he surpassed sampras' style and agility. He was on par with federer. In the end, there were no arguments, and history was made; pete sampras was no more a legend now. someone had managed to surpass greatness itself. finally, tennis had found its god. There are no more records to be set as long as there is roger federer. the word 'record' ceases to hold meaning anymore in mens' tennis.

it is always good to take things on a lighter note, but certain serious things like games, it should be dead serious. there are other trivial things like politics, bureaucracy, governance, poverty reduction and global warming that you can just shrug off, and go about with your life. everything fades out of people's memories. nothing is ever worth enough to brood and cry over. ultimately, nothing matters. nothing.


  1. I know- I am hoping my team does well in the Champs League tomorrow- I am being plainly irresponsible and I like it! :D

  2. champs league? what game do you play? i wish you all the very best in being the most irresponsible screw up over there.(you cannot beat me though.)

  3. @gautam Narayan plays nothing but he only watches matches.

  4. Add me to the list of people who had hoped Rafa would finally end Federer's reign. I m just sick of the guy winning it all and then chuckling with the prize .. "he he i dont know how I do it everytime" bah !!

    Rafa .. please get back on track. Trounce this Federer !!!

  5. Aaaah- the travails of being an armchair fan!