Sunday, December 20, 2009

the sane word

#something in a matrix.

#what you do when you don't want to sink, or swim, inside the boat. if you do it outside, a mental asylum is recommended.(don't even get me started on those excercise machines, where people sit and row in air)
#what you start with your girl friend when you stare at that other girl's amazing...

#what variables can take.
#what people don't take, but need to.
#how useful some person can be to us.

# lead balls or balls of any other material that is used for blasting dust off of a surface
#a sound that can make any man's balls jump up.
#a chance that you could be the next man on the moon.

# almost an animal, but much more valuable than people.
#what you get when you give this to someone.
#what you give when you get this from someone.

son of a:
#born to someone
#born to something
#born to someone and something

#one dimensional element used to model anything with two degrees of freedom(i hope)
#what you do when some random guy starts hitting on your girl.
#when this gets damaged on an aeroplane, you better start praying.


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  2. cool

    # a measure of the amount of heat contained in the body and measured by it's temperature
    # a cucumber on a hot summer's day
    # this post!