Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hello Readers!
I am Sathiya, contributor of “Spot and Talk” site. The major concept of is to encourage amateur writers or budding writers to talk blatantly on any issue they have spotted in life. Assuming you have spotted a girl, you can talk about that as well (LOL). It is always good to express yourself in the form of writings to increase your thought process.

The clarity in writings will come eventually once you have started scribbling on the paper. So you may think this site as a paper and start scribbling. Let us see how many of you really have that guts to scribble what you have in mind. But the point to take note is how you’re developing your thought process and imagination.

Any writings usually have some impact on the readers. Sometimes readers may think oh! It is very lame or wow! Excellent writing. You can express yourself in the form of comments in this page. It is much appreciated. Don’t worry your writings will be seen by all the readers. If you really want to contribute to this site, then drop us an email to Have a excellent day!

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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to reach Gautam. He left a message on my blog.

    Gautam, you can find me at yamanoor @ gmail ...say Hi to Mani as well!